miércoles, enero 30, 2008

The minister secretary general of Government, Francisco Vidal

The (Indian) Mapuche, happy if they realized all in hunger strike.The government ignores them to seeing if they disappear for negligence, they insist on living.Sometimes I believe that the democratic independent union (UDI), it has reason, police brutality is what is needed.

One must yield, when one travels abroad this type of matters matters damned foreigners

Does Since you plough wrong so much?

Ah, the darling Michelle till when You believe his(her,your) counselors stupids, you have a long history of the people that they have cheated and betrayed him. Now that you have the opportunity to pay the obligations of his youth, you leave in the hands of the cretins important things, and I vote in favour of you.For the visits of the foreigner that so in an agreeable way I surprised they and it (he(it), she(it)) is not that I yield myself to the language of the Empire. Or maybe if?